Monday, June 18, 2012

Hybred Milk Machine

Here's what I'm using for milking the small teated goats. I hand milk the others.

It starts with a vacuum pump, with a large diameter hose going to the back of the pulsator. All of the larger return hoses that would normally bring milk to the bucket are blocked. One of the pulsating vacuum hoses has a cut off valve. You can see it tucked behind the shelf bracket on the wall. The other hose attaches to the Udderly EZ Milk bottle's side nipple.

The milk flows directly into the bottle. So, you have absolutely clean milk. I do strain the milk, but it's probably unnecessary. It is important to hold the bottle, especially if you have a dancing goat. If the assembly falls down, milk will get into the vacuum line and into your pulsator. This is NOT a good thing. That's another reason for the green and blue cut off valves!

I've been toying with the idea of putting a pulsator on a PVC pipe with capped ends (like the unused ballast tank on the wall there behind the belly pail.) This would simplify the whole thing tremendously. I just haven't taken the time to DO it. My idea is that you could have vacuum pump > ballast tank > pulsator > tube to EZ Milker.

The most expensive part is, of course, the vacuum pump, at about $400. The pulsator is another hundred.

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