Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goat diseases

C.A.E. = Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis
This is a serious goat disease. It is in the same family with the HIV virus.

In goats, it can cause arthritis, ruin an udder, or kill kids by attacking the nervous system.
Click HERE for more information about C.A.E.

Click on this link for an article that explains the connection between CAE in milk and positive tests in humans for HIV.

Info about CL, a disease that can pass to humans
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Johne's Disease = a 'wasting' disease in cattle and goats. Has been linked to Crohn's disease in humans.

Click HERE for more information about Johne's.

Important links - Click on title of each item

Extensive goat care information.

How to disbud a baby goat (remove horn buds)

Disbudding video.

How to draw blood for testing

Using an elastrator to castrate bucklings

How to test for Mastitis

Milk flavor issues

How to tell if your goat has parasites

How to Trim Goat Hooves

How to use goat hobbles
Note: You can also get a curb chain (for a horse bridle) and use it in the same way.

Where to buy goat stuff

Milk Stand Plans

Click here for pic of milk stand modifications to make it more stable

Homemade Milker

The pump is a Durvet 65 ml Fixed Dose Pour-On Applicator. The syringe body is 35 cc with the threaded type needle end, but the needle is removed. The vinyl tubing came with the applicator (I only used half of it), and I used a small hose clamp and super glue jel to make sure the hose stays on the syringe body.

When in use, you are not constantly pumping the mechanism. After the milk starts to flow, it's pump....wait....wait....wait....wait....wait....pump....repeat.

I do finish out by hand, but that's usually just a tiny amount.

To clean it after milking, I run extremely hot water through it, then soapy water, then clean water. A couple of times a week, I run bleach water through it, too.

I am not selling these, just showing what you can make for about half of what they sell for.