Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Barn Buildin' in the Ozarks

After accumulating a nice assortment of farm equipment, primarily for bushhogging, road and driveway maintenance, and hay production, it was time to have a barn built. I looked at local ads in the Ozark newspapers, asked around, and settled on having H.E.L.P, owned by Alan Stocki, build my barn. We agreed on a turnkey price of $10,000 for a pole barn, 24' x 30'.

Thanks to the weather, construction activity was restricted to early morning hours. The crew started arriving about 6:30 am and usually shut down before the mid day heat became dangerous.

We went from a bare field at the top of the hill between the Cabin and the old log barn to corners and posts. One *really* impressive fact is that the barn is within 1/8th of an inch being square. This is impressive measuring and attention to detail.

Just a couple of mornings, and the girts were on. Then the trusses were placed by Ash Flat Truss. Awesome!

Sheet metal goes on next!


Interior details. Trusses on 2 foot spacing instead of 5 as in most prefab or turn key buildings. The perimeter band board is 2" x 12" for extra strength. All connections are screws or lag bolts. No nails. Gutter along front roof edge to prevent wash out at the doors. Double posts between bays for additional strength. Alan and his crew did a wonderful job of site clean-up. No screws or trash left behind. Dirt leveled and rocks removed.

Some equipment has already found the new home.

I highly recommend H.E.L.P. (Alan Stocki) for your pole barn needs. He also does remodeling, home repair, electrical, and air conditioning. His number is 417 778 1731.