Tuesday, November 15, 2011

White Girls

Lily, doing what she does best, head in feeder. She will let me rub her tummy now, and she's starting to tolerate me touching her udder as I get her ready for milking in the spring. I think she might be bred. Will be doing a blood test soon.

Aster, who is learning the whole milk house routine. She has settled down quite a bit from the first couple of days where she ricocheted off the walls. She is in it for the cookies, as she doesn't eat much grain.

The dead part of Snowbelle's udder is starting to separate from the healthy part. I'm pouring a bit of iodine in the crack to prevent more problems.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quirky Goat Farm - SOUTH

"The Office of Multiplicity" - formerly a two bedroom home built by Bohus Kubena and a couple of other Czech gentleman who used recycled lumber. It was rebuilt and remodeled by Lonnie and five of my former students.

The garage/storage shed next to my office. As you can see, it has issues with age, gravity, plumb, and level. It works to keep hay and lumber dry.

The Workshop - formerly known in town as "Joe's Place", a beer joint and domino parlor, owned by Alvin Svoboda's parents. Dan's dad drank many a beer there. Alvin gave me the building and I had it moved here, across the street from our house. Lonnie remodeled it and rebuilt much of the inside. We have lots of tools.

"The Blue House" - built approximately 1918. Dan's family moved into it when he was about three, I think. The house was built by the family that owned the town's lumber company at the time. We remodeled it after his mother passed away, adding a bathroom, new siding, double paned windows, etc.

Casa de Kaspar - built in 1979-80. This view is from the south. The house is L shaped, with the pointy corner facing north, and the open angle facing south to catch cooling breezes!