Monday, March 22, 2010

Lots of Milk!

The changing seasons and needs have prompted some changes at the goat yard.

As we have to dry off Cocoa before she kids, we've reduced her feed by half, and are milking her in the mornings only. I figure about a week of that, then we'll go to every other day for a while.

We made a kid pen for the four little ones, and last night was the first night that all the kids were separated from the does. Abby did escape into the bigger pen sometime during the night, but that's fine.

This morning's yield was over a gallon of milk, collectively, from Cocoa, Orange, and Cassie.

I froze three bags of 3 cups each for Kaci, the soap lady, and had a half gallon for the fridge for us.

There will be morning milking only now till the kids are weaned. My wrists will be happy about that!