Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lots of changes

The bucklings are growing and leaping and hopping and hollering, "MAAAAAAAAA! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" everytime they hear us go out of the house. They are getting between 12 and 16 ounces of milk four times a day, and they are beginning to munch on leaves, etc.

We're getting them accustomed to being with the other goats for a while several times a day, and hopefully they will make the transition out there during the days this coming week.

Elton has a really odd behavior. When he jumps into Lonnie's lap, he lies down.
When he jumps into MY lap, he stands, climbs, and sits on my shoulder.

We also have another addition to the Quirky Goat Farm. Chica is an aging dwarf/mini horse. She's about 16 years old, and her main purpose is to eat the grass in the goat yard. Goats don't eat grass, and we were having to mow it. Chica has eliminated that problem.