Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goats who must go somewhere else

We have too many goats. I must sell some either to people who want nice home milkers or to people who want barbecue or for pets. All are up to date on vaccinations. All are CAE free.


"Socks" - wether - Mini-Alpine - born on June 11 - gentle pet goat or small cabrito

Jasmine - doeling - born March 18 - Nubian/LaMancha cross - will be GOOD home milker

Mocha - doeling - LaMancha - born March 29 - VERY gentle - Her mom is my best milker with best udder.

Sorry he is blinking.
Captain Jack Sparrow - buckling - LaMancha - born April 15 - From good milk and udder lines - just don't need him -