Friday, April 30, 2010

I really need to post more often

It's April 29, 2010. The Quirky Goat Farm animals, all 14 of them including dogs, has moved back to the Ozarks for the summer.

We lost Grumpy, the Mini Mancha buck, to urinary calculi in mid-winter.

We came north with four kids: Cassie's triplet kids, sired by Grumpy, and Cocoa's LaPine cross, sired by Sir Guy.

While in Texas, Orange, the herd queen Alpine, kidded with twin bucklings, and they were sold for herd sires before we left.

We're letting Snowbelle and Lemon grow till the fall before breeding them.

Feline (formerly known as Peanut) is due to kid in early May.

Everyone has settled in nicely here in the cooler northern climate.