Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend

I don't goof off well. I tried. Really I did. I sat on the deck with the newspaper and a cup of mocha, and that lasted about ten minutes.

Then, I mulched the potatoes with compost and straw. Then, I sprayed Round Up along the fence line toward the road from the house and around some trees.

Burning old deteriorated firewood and a tarp that had been deteriorated by the sun. Also picking up the branches out of the yard and adding them to the burn pile.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday projects

I'm making yogurt today with fresh goat milk because I ate Yoplait this morning and read the label. YUK! Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc. What happened to yogurt when I wasn't buying it!? It changed from a natural food to an over-processed food.

My yogurt will have two ingredients. Milk and starter culture. When I get ready to eat it, I will add fruit. No sugar, no flavoring, no coloring, no OTHER STUFF!

I'm reading an interesting book now called Healthy At 100, by John Robbins. It's about other societies and what they eat, how they live, and how they are so much healthier than ours. My diet is going to improve.

I got quite a few outside projects done. First, I mowed around the garden, then discovered that the battery powered weedeater works well, and now there's a clear path for a new low-to-the-ground electric fence around the garden. This is to keep Ziggy the big footed Basset Hound out of my raised veggie beds. She respects the electric wire so much, I might not have to put any power to it!

The feeder that the goats broke was shortened and repaired. Goats are VERY pushy, and building things that they don't tear up is a challenge.

Two raised beds that didn't have anything planted have the dirt turned over, and the cucumber seeds are now planted. Also planted some flowers! One bed is left to do, and that's going to be Okra.

Lots of things already up or coming up. Two kinds of squash, two kinds of beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and a good selection of herbs. I'm especially excited about the potatoes, as we have two varieties: Yukon Gold and German Butter potatoes.

The thornless blackberries aren't blooming very heavily, so I soaked them with Spray N Grow. Then, I cut back the canes that froze over the winter and tied up the canes that were threatening to overtake the north end of the garden.

Gibbs and Ducky followed me down to the gate of the buck's pen when I went down there to cut back some grass that was getting in the electric fence. As it is time to wean them, I picked up each one and shoved them through the gate. They are now in the big boy pen. There was some hollering for Mom, but they came to the feeder at suppertime and didn't seem too distressed.

During the day, we had three rain showers. We even had a shower while I had the goats on their browse walk, and I learned that rain doesn't bother the goats when they are in the forest. Kate and Abbey, the only kids left with the big girls, were very busy climbing on stumps and leaning trees today, and I should have had my camera.