Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet "Palmer"

We've been waiting to see when Faline (aka Peanut) was going to kid. We now know that "Happy" bred her through the fence because the kid is spotty with three colors, like his sire. We are sure the bucks were NOT in with the does in mid-January.

This morning, Feline was humming. This is a sign of impending labor. She wasn't in labor when we loaded feed into the feed house after lunch, but at 3:00 PM when I was loading the truck for a trip to a friend's house, I could hear her hollering.

When I got to the goat pen, I could see that the kid was part way out with the head and one leg protruding. The kid's tongue was hanging out, and there weren't any signs of life.

After fetching towels from the house, I moved Feline out of the goat pen and onto a clean clover covered area. I pulled the kid, who was completely limp. After putting him on the ground and seeing no movement at all, I felt for a heartbeat. It was strong, so I lifted the kid by his back legs and slapped his ribs to help clear fluid from his lungs. When I put him down again, there was a small wiggle, and the doe and I started working on him. She licked and hummed; I rubbed him with a towel. Pretty soon, he started moving better and began to call out to her.

It took him about 20 minutes to get to his feet and a few more to find the teats, but he nursed strongly.

His name is Palmer in keeping with our NCIS theme this year. His sire was a registered Mini-Mancha, and his dam is registered Alpine.